Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty in Pinks and Purples - Spring Eye Makeup Looks

Spring time is here... and there are a huge range of trends that people are sporting this year.  I think Spring is the perfect time of year to sport pastel colors - including pretty pinks and purples...  and a lot of soft and earthy colors.  In the picture below... Scarlett Johansson rocks this "Pretty in Pink & Purples" look with elegance and flair.  

I was doing my daily ritual of reading beautyriot.com when I stumbled upon this article.  The article states that Makeup artist Rachel Wood thinks, "powdery pastel washes" are so soft and wearable on the eyes.  The look is perfect for spring not only for the subtleness it portrays - but because it gives any fashion ensemble a pop of color and calls attention to beautiful peepers. :)

MAC Senior Artist Victor Cembellin says:  "When you're picking colors, think lavender, sea foam green, iced blue or peach sherbet."  And - with the array of different cosmetic brands in all price ranges... it can easily be replicated without effort.  I especially love how Scarlett's lips are a beautiful peachy pink nude color... and her cheeks have an effortless glow.  I will surely be recreating this look using some of my favorite palettes and colors.  If I do - I will be sure to post pictures. :)

The photo above taken from beautyriot.com and getty images.

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