Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspirational Sunday - The Power of Words

Each Sunday I will try to post inspirational videos, quotes, books, etc. that I have enjoyed... that have made me tear up or that have just guided me through my days.  I hope to make this a weekly habit... and hope to share my lives inspirations with all of you.

Often - we forget how important the Power of Words are... and how they will impact those around us.  Not only do they effect us in a positive way or benefit us to some extent... words can completely hurt, harm or discourage others around us... whether it was meant to be or not.  I am a firm believer that Words hold powerful meaning and can make or break a person.  So - before you speak, before you utter a single word, whether positive or negative... stop and think about what it is you are saying and how it is perceived.  Once it is spoken or written... often times you cannot take it back.

The video below is one that inspires me tremendously.  Many people do not jump so eagerly to those that that are hard on luck, whether because they are that way by choice or not...  but by just opening one person's eyes... all options are endless.

Happy Sunday to all and I wish you all a day filled with INSPIRATION!
God bless you all.

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