Monday, April 4, 2011

Diet... what? Tip # 1 - stop stress eating.

These tips were borrowed from Self Magazine.  I am trying my best to work through each one in hopes that it will be aiding in my weight loss journey.  Every so many days I will try to post the tips I read from this magazine and hopefully we can work on them together.

Stop Stress Eating - Be in the now to alleviate anxiety.  Stress and cravings tend to go hand in hand and often times can send your over the edge... and cause you to eat on a binge.  So - so help with the unwanted stress... Stop, and ask yourself...  What's going on in your life, Right Now, this instant!  Do you have a job at this moment?  Are you healthy, right now, at this moment?  Are your loved ones alive and well?  If and when things happen you will manage the situation as best as you can, but until then, stay present and deal with the tasks at hand.  By staying calm and in the present, you can melt away your anxiety and therefore, stop stress eating!

Bust Stress & Fat -  Cardio can bring on a real chill attitude.  Working up a sweat can really help to decrease your hot temper...  says researches from the University of Georgia.  After 30 minutes of cardio, subjects saw anger-inducing images and they felt less angry than they did when sitting quietly before viewing the photos.

"Wow - I have one hot temper... I definitely think I need to work hard on this one!"  Stay tuned for more tips and we can all work together to add a little "healthy" to our lives.  Hopefully I can really keep up with it and practice these tips that I am sharing with all of you.  Gotta get it together. :) lol.

xoxo ~ Honey

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