Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Oahu... I surely miss you!

It's been a little over a year since I have stepped foot on Oahu.  I remember when I flew back and forth to Oahu ever single week for work.  After spending so many happy times on this island... and considering it my sanctuary - it's a bit difficult that I don't go there very often now a days.  

The pictures below were taken by my husband or I on our trips to Oahu over the course of the last 5 years.  So many happy memories... so much fun and just a time to reflect on all that we are going through.  Though Oahu is so much more active and busy than Maui is... there are parts on the island that I call my serenity, my getaway, my peace.  Windward side on Oahu happens to be my favorite places to runaway to...
The last picture on the bottom is of an area on the Windward side called "The Valley of the Temples" and quite possibly one of my favorite places to just sit and cleanse myself of all my stress.  Besides that - I love to visit the Nu'uanu Valley Lookout and listen to the songs of my ancestors... their voices traveling with the wind.

I just wanted to share a little peacefulness with all of you. :)  Enjoy!

Dear Oahu,
I will see you soon... hopefully!
xoxo ~ Honey

*please note that all photographs are protected under the Federal Copyright Law.  It is unlawful to copy, duplicate or use these images in anyway without authorization from the Photographer/owner.*

Pake papale - China man's hat

Waikiki Beach from Moana Surfrider

The outside of Moana Surfrider (my favorite hotel) from across the street at International Market Place

The view of Rabbit Island from Sealife Park 

The view of Diamond Head from the Sheraton Waikiki

Valley of the Temples and the Beautiful Ko'olau Mountain Range, Windward side of Oahu. :)

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Wow great pictures! I love how it came out, really pretty! I can see why Hawaii is soo popular to vacay in! I myself haven't gone to Maui, idky? I hope to go there one day!

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