Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring's Must Have Accessories

So - if you have been following me here on my blog or twitter or where ever you can find me... (and there are lots of places, so you have no excuse... hehe!) you know that I am a huge fan of accessories.  Though motherhood hasn't given me much opportunity to sport my accessories lately, I definitely love to keep up with trends and sport some awesome vintage pieces with life gives me the opportunity.

Spring is the perfect season of the year to step out of that "dark colored" rut and try on some new and fun pieces that will get anyone in the mood for sunshine and happy times.  The colors are so bright and festive... and I am often reminded of some of my favorite candies and florals that decorate every corner this time of year.  So here are my "Spring Must Have's" this year. :)

Espadrilles or Wedges:  Perfect for a day out with the girls or to dress up any cute little sun dress.  You can find these in an array of colors, shapes and designs.  These Betsey Johnson beauties would pair perfectly with a white floral dress with sprays of pink and will definitely give you a pop of color to clam up your Spring look.  Though these could be considered a little costly - there are many out there you can find that are just as awesome and totally within your budget.

Betsey Johnson Hitch Sandal - This picture is from

Satin/Silk Scarves:  This is an accessory that dates back many many generations and is absolutely timeless.  A Satin or Silk (or mix) Scarf is the perfect spring accessory.  Not only does it add a flair and a pop of color and statement to a simple outfit... it also keeps your neck warm during a breezy day.  They are different than the traditional scarves that are worn during the winter months... because they are cooler to the touch and breathable - unlike the heavy woven or crochet ones you would normally wear during Winter.  This statement piece can spruce up anything from a plain white spring time dress to a bright yellow spaghetti strap.

Big Bold Rings:  I LOVE Statement Rings... and during the Spring months - I tend to select rings to wear that are in pastels or pinks and purples.  I especially love rings that have a lot of bling. :)  Here are a few that you would definitely find me sporting. :)

The photos above were used from different sites which are linked under each photo.

And, last but certainly not least... my favorite of all accessories... The Handbag.  
You all know that I am a total handbag and purse Whore.  Yes, I said it... and it's true.  I am such an addict over these darn materialistic things... but I would never change that. :)  Brightly colored handbags, ones made of straw or even a nice bright or pastel clutch are very popular during the spring months.  I am not a big fan of the bright colors when it comes to a purse or handbag - mainly because I like to add flare to other parts of my outfit.  But, I do think that straw handbags are cute and very trendy... paving the way for Summer months.  I also love using browns and light colored leathers and fabrics.  I am a huge fan of tote bags - regardless of the season... and you can catch me sporting these as well... in an array of bright colors from time to time - but mostly in nudes.  I also love hobo bags... and you can find me sporting a brightly colored coach hobo too. :)  And - I certainly will not turn down anything with animal print on it, especially leopard. 

The sites where this images were used from are listed below each image.

So - that pretty much wraps up the accessory portion of spring.  Keep in mind, that these are items that I may sport to compliment my wardrobe... but you definitely can use this as an idea and create your own looks.  There is never a right or wrong when choosing styles to compliment your clothing...  fashion is really a showcase of someones personal taste with their own added flair.  So have fun and accessorize. :)

Disclaimer:  The images above were used from other sites which I have linked below each image if possible.  I do not own any of the products listed and have not been paid to write this post by any of the sites listed above.  

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