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Advice for Brides - Wedding Day Makeup

Being a Wedding Photographer & Bridal Makeup Freelancing from time to time... I have had my share of experiences with regard to Flawless and Funky Bridal Makeup.  Every bride should look fabulous on their wedding day... it's their once in a lifetime Fairytale.

If you are a bride that is about to head down the aisle or an Aspiring Makeup Artist who is looking to do Bridal Makeup - here are a few tips that I have put together...  from my own experiences.  I hope you find them useful. :)  See the video below for details outlining each tip.

1.)  Make sure you are going to do a test run with your makeup artist(s).  Even if this person is a friend... schedule some time prior to the wedding to do a complete makeup trial (from beginning to end - starting with primer & ending with lipgloss, though not necessarily in that order.)  I always suggest that your trial take place a minimum of 4 days prior to the wedding... though - sooner is better.  Don't do a trial more than a month in advance though... because weather is a big factor in makeup and the cold winter months may end up being a hot humid day 2 months later and you may have gotten a tan... your makeup will have to be rematched again.

When you are doing your makeup trial - make sure to take pictures of the final look.  If at all possible - try to take pictures during the time of your actual wedding... this will allow the lighting to be compariable to that of your wedding day and your pictures will be a little more accurate.  Keep in mind that morning light is completely different from afternoon & evening lighting... and by knowing the shades that the camera is going to pick up in your photographs as well as matching it with your wedding dress & accessories is key and will help you when you are trying to nail down the final touches prior to the wedding day.

2.)  Start a good skin care regime at least a week before your wedding day.  This includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.  Don't change up your skin care regime the day or night before your wedding as you could easily get a reaction and your makeup artist will have to correct it (if that is possible).  Make sure you are taking care of your skin in the days leading up to the wedding... and don't get a facial too close to your wedding day.  If you are going to get a facial for the first time, try to have one at least a week before your wedding day... that way - any redness or irritation your skin may have will have disappeared before the big day.

3.)  When choosing out powder for your foundation or to set your makeup - get one with more of a yellow tint.  Pink and White powder may look awesome when looking with the natural eye... but the flash of a camera will pick up shades of white and cause a ghostly look in your photos.  This can also draw more attention to unwanted lines & wrinkles that you are trying to avoid on this special day.  Not only will you look polished and flawless in photos... you will save money in the long run because many photographers may charge you to correct or edit your photos to make that ghostly image look more like your natural skin tone.

4.)  When applying your makeup on your wedding day - apply it in natural lighting as much as possible.  This is the key to flawless makeup... and it makes it easier to blend your foundations so that it matches perfectly.  Some lightbulbs will give you an illusion of flawless makeup when looking in a mirror with artificial lighting... and when you step out into the natural light or sunlight... you may have too much on.  This is a common mistake for foundation, setting powder & blush and bronzer.  You key to flawless makeup is to enhance all of your features... to look beautiful & glamorous... Keep in mind that when applying in a dark, poorly lit room, the lighting can  cover all sorts of mistakes... so apply your makeup in a well lit room with natural lighting... as much as possible.

5.)  Blend blend blend your concealer, powder & bronzers with a good blending brush and make sure the color of your neck is carefully blending with your jaw line. If your neck doesn't match - it will definitely show up in your pictures.

6.)  When doing your makeup - wear more than you would if you were going out for the evening.  Many brides are not "everyday" makeup wearers... so this tip can be especially difficult but you want your pictures to show your enhanced features.  If you are not wearing enough makeup - you won't notice that you have any on at all.  Discuss the options with your makeup artist prior to your big day so you can be a little more comfortable.  Also - a good tip is to get used to wearing more makeup for your special day by working with your MUA on different looks & styles that you can wear every day or several times a week to get used to using all the makeup you will have on that day.

7.)  Wear fake eyelashes.  This is a must for me because my lashes are so small.  But - it definitely will enhance those beautiful peepers. :)  If you are not used to false lashes... then practice by wearing them to get used to how they feel.

8.)  Waterproof mascara & waterproof makeup is important.  You know that this day will be filled with so many different emotions...  Be prepared.  Discuss with your MUA about his/her makeup options and what kind of waterproof items they have.  Make sure you use waterproof mascara & eyeliner (especially) because those things are rarely touched up.  Lipstick & lipgloss can be touched up through out the night. :)

9.)  Try your best not to use shimmery or glittery makeup on this day.  The camera does not photograph these the way they look with the naked eye.  Many times it will come out looking like specks of dust or dirt... or worst.  It is not flattering and just does not photograph well.  If you must use shimmers... please use them sparingly.

10.) Last but not least and most importantly...  Stand up tall and be confident.  It is your day and all eyes are on you.  Posture is everything, especially on such an important day.  No matter how fabulous your dress is and how "on point" your makeup is...  if you are slouching - it is not flattering and it definitely will not look good in your photos.  Also - standing up straight and tall will take off a few pounds (not literally ofcourse) but it will surely give everyone and your photographs that illusion.  You will be so happy with your photos and everyone will watch you as you "command their presence" when you are in the room because of how regal you will look. :)

I hope these tips were helpful.  If you have any questions - be sure to let me know.  Watch the video below for extra added parts that I did not go into detail with in this post. :)

And - if you are a bride getting married... CONGRATULATIONS!  I just know that your special day will be filled with wonderful memories. :)

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