Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eating Healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice the flavors you love... Healthy & Delicious Dinner Salad

I love Salad and Steak, but I especially love those two in combination with each other.  I learned about 8 years ago that you can still eat a salad with lean steak and come out on top - both health and calorie wise & taste wise as well.

Tonight I made one of my favorite Salads.  

The following ingredients were used:

1 Bag Spring Mix - sold in stores for about $5.00 a bag. 
(used approx. 1 cup per serving)

1 Container of Hamakua Cocktail Tomatoes - organic and fresh, on sale for about $3.89 a container 
(used 2 tomatoes / sliced per serving)

1 Container of Strawberries, fresh - on sale for about $4.99 a container 
(used 2 strawberries / sliced per serving)

A Bag of Mix Sprouts - $1.89 
(used approx 1/2 cup per serving)

Chuck Round steak - Purchased a tray of 5 steaks at my local Safeway for about $12.00 
(used approx. 1/2 cup or 6-7 slices that measure approx. 1.5 - 2 inches long 
and just under an eighth of an inch thick)

Kraft Light Raspberry Vinaigrette with EVOO Dressing - $3.99 on Sale 
(3.5g Fat per serving, 5g carbs and 0 fat - each serving approx. 2 tbsp. each)

Saratino & Co. Truffle Salt - season to taste (I used approx. 1 teaspoon on the steak)

Pictured above are some of the products used.

Slice the strawberries & tomatoes about the size that is pictured above.
I love adding strawberries when I am using mixed spring greens or Arugula because it adds a little sweetness and tartness to the salad and balances that pepper and bitter flavor you can get from some of the greens that are in the mix.

This is the truffle salt I used... so delicious & packed with flavor.  You only need a little bit and the flavor will add that special touch to your meal.  I added the salt to the steak along with a little dash of black pepper to taste.  You can find this truffle salt at a specialty store or maybe at  Whole Foods.  I purchased this one at an Organic Farmer that sells mushrooms.

Chuck round steak is very inexpensive and can usually be purchased in a family pack.  Steak is a great source of protein and is lean if all of the fat is removed.  

I cooked the steak in about a teaspoon of butter... not spread - but butter.  It may seem like it's unhealthy - but it is actually a great way to cook a cheaper cut of meat because it adds flavor and much needed juices so that the meat does not dry out like most lean meats do.  You do not need much butter if you are using a nonstick pan to cook.  If you like - I have also grilled the steak on my George Forman on many occasions and this is a great way to cut out on fat as well.

Sprouts are an awesome source of nutrition and also offer different textures to your favorite foods.  I also love sprouts because they are a great filler for any meal - giving you that "content" feeling.

Top the salad and all the ingredients with a drizzle of the Raspberry Vinaigrette and - it's done!  There is no possible way that this salad will taste like health food.  Not only is it filled with awesome and beautiful colors... it is packed with flavors that will rock your taste buds... and further more - it is healthy.

Are you on Weight Watchers?  This meal adds up to approx. 8 points and will definitely fill you up.

Happy & Healthy Eating!

Disclaimer:  I am not in any way endorsing any of the products listed above.  This recipe was compiled by me and I am not liable in any way to reactions that anyone should have when trying it.  I am not the owner of this recipe but have thrown ingredients together to come up with it. All photographs were taken by me.

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