Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cyber Bullying - More than just a Crime, it's Wrong!

I have a lot on my plate already... but this is seriously important - so I am taking the time to stop and discuss it. I will be doing a formal video on my opinions on this subject as soon as time permits.

Let's start off by saying that CYBER BULLYING is a crime.  It is wrong, unethical, ridiculous and there is no reason for it.

I have been on YouTube doing videos since 2007.  In that time frame, I have witnessed a number of cyber bullying, threats, bashing - you name it, I have seen it all. I am lucky that the threats against me did not include my family.  But, recently - after a fall out between a friend... things have taken a turn for the worst.  My website was placed on display for all to see - stating that I was copying them.  I am not going to get into the details - except to say that THAT IS CYBER BULLYING.  Not to mention, I have been having several people come to my website, my Facebook and many other outlets and accuse me of copying someone.  Then weeks later, I get a text message from a friend that I need to log into her Guru Gossip account to read the hateful messages that are being sent to her about me.  Needless to say, I am no longer friends with this person any longer because what she did was also CYBER BULLYING as she was putting one of my ex-friends on blast as well as others.  I DO NOT CONDONE THIS OR ALLOW MY FRIENDS TO DO SO - THIS IS WRONG!  This was nerve wracking and depressing and I also find out that personal conversations between myself and another were also put up on this ugly and terrible site.  Not only did provide a bigger gateway for idiots to keep on their path of bashing, but when I wanted this situation (in general) to just end... it just opened up another door for more haters.  A friend of mine was the target of these posts, putting our friendship in jeopardy over something that had happened many months before.  I have one word for all of it: Ridiculous!  I have written to Guru Gossip to have this entire thread removed, only for them to say that they would not do it because it had a huge amount of views and several pages of posts.  Again - Ridiculous!

Having been using the internet for years - we all know that Cyber Bullying has been around since the onset of the World Wide Web.  However, that doesn't mean that we all have to conform and do just as others are doing. I am taking a stand against sites like Guru Gossip and many others that provide an outlet for these bashers to come and torment those are simply providing entertainment, fun and knowledge to all of us.  The Schuermans are a key example of taking a stand against these obnoxious people.

At the end of the day - haters are everywhere, in everything we do.  But, together - we can take a stand against this people.  What or who gives anyone the right to think they can bully someone and get away with it.  There is no reason for it.  With people starving for food all over the World, our Soldiers and Family Members over seas fighting for their lives and our freedom - why do we have to allow ourselves to be subjected to this nonsense.  We should be working together to keep our human race alive... not fighting against one another.

I am taking a stand against bullying - whether Cyber or other.  It is not right.  I teach my children to value themselves, have faith in God and to treat others as you would like to be treated.  It hurts me to think that these cyber bullies or other have children and are teaching them exactly how to be a terrible person. Grow up people!

In closing, I am going to be doing a video on this subject and would love to hear  your comments on this subject - take a stand and together - we can all make a difference and tell these haters that they don't have the best of us.

Below is the Video by the Schuermans... please support them - they are Awesome!

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