Friday, October 14, 2011

Birchbox Reveal - October 2011

This months Birchbox had some pretty cool items.  I was quite impressed and am very excited to try them all out.  I have tried Stila before... so I know that their pigmentation is one point... but the rest of the item I have not had the opportunity.

Today - I tried out the Blinc Mascara and I actually like it.  I don't know what they are referring to when they say that tubes attach itself to my lashes... but it did seem to provide me with smudge proof mascara which is always great for days when I am on the go and don't really want to use makeup.  Though it didn't provide dramatic length or volume... it did separate my lashes pretty well... and it did give it a nice glossy texture.  What I truly liked was that it was not clumpy or too wet... the formula was actually quite nice.

I'm also quite excited that this month's Birchbox included a few cosmetic items.  Normally there is always a bunch of skin care stuff - which is good... but it can be quite frustrating.  I love to get new cosmetic items and I was especially excited that they included a Full sized Stila Eyeshadow.  AWESOME!

I have yet to try the other products - but I really think that this month's Birchbox was pretty awesome. :)

I hope next month's Birchbox is super awesome too ;) I have been contemplating canceling my Birchbox membership - because the Holidays are coming up and I really want to make sure I have money in my pocket for the Holidays... But, $10 is really not that bad considering you can try some pretty interesting and cool items.  So - maybe I will keep up with it. ;)  Besides, I have to build my points - I'm at 90. lol

To see the video on what I got - click PLAY Below. 

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