Monday, August 22, 2011

adding a little candy to my eyes, thanks to

My eyes have changed color... and I am loving it ;)  

I am so lucky to have been contacted by to do a product review for them.  At first glance, their site is very cute, easy to maneuver and they carry an array of contacts to fit each personality, style and fashion need.  As if this wasn't enough to entice anyone to shop with them, their prices are also very affordable and shipping is very quick.  I had my lenses in my eyes within a few days of contact and absolutely love them.

I have never tried these kinds of contacts before... the colored ones I've used in the past are not as thick and in my opinion... they are very delicate.  I've managed to rip many many of them and that can be pretty costly to replace.  I expected the thickness of the contacts would hinder the way I was able to put them in or that my vision would be affected.  The fact is - they went in so easily.  I had some tearing up and at one time, my eyes did burn just a bit... but it was just about the same as any other contact I have tried/used in the past.  The slipped right into place on my eyes and sat there comfortably for hours. I completely forgot I was even wearing them.  

Removing them was just as simple as any other contacts.  While wearing them my eyes did not dry out like I would have expected them too and I was really amazed at the fact that I didn't have a hazy sight through the day.

Along with my contacts came a contact lens case, which is included with certain orders.  The contacts were easy to remove from their packaging and everything was labeled and included the needed information to get me started. 

I definitely enjoyed trying these babies on and I absolutely love the color.  I look forward to purchasing more products from  Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to do this review. 

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