Wednesday, July 20, 2011 has stolen my heart with its Kandee Johnson Birthday Cake Goodies...

I love love love Kandee Johnson - she is one of my favorite Beauty Bloggers, Mommy Bloggers and YouTube Gurus.  Her inspirational videos have done more than just inspire me - they have truly helped to improve my everyday life.  As if that wasn't enough... Kandee J has teamed up with Iviscents... this awesome company that was started by a mother who was facing difficult times due to our terrible economy - dang, that story sure sounds familiar. ;)  This company has been such an inspiration to many other small businesses out there that are working their way up to the top.  Thanks Aarin for being such a role model ;)

So here is my review on the Kandee Johnson Birthday Cake Collection - or shall I say... my rave. ;)  Have you tried this collection yet, if so - comment and tell me what you think ;)  Watch the video below to see what I got and the review.


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