Thursday, June 9, 2011

Missing in Action

Hey guys... I have been gone for a little while and haven't really been posting much of anything lately.  I am so sorry... I promise, I am not abandoning any of you... hehe!

Things have been so crazy lately.  If you are subscribed to me on Youtube - you may have seen my video where I roll out my new business venture, I - Candy Couture Accessories.  That has surely been taking up a lot of my time and being able to blog/vlog and do videos has gone on the back burner the last week.  SORRY! :(

There are several interesting things that I want to share and want input on from all of my friends... :)

1.)  Check out my site I-Candy Couture Accessories, and be sure to tell me what you think.  We are constantly making and bringing in new products, so I am very interested to know your opinion. :)  I am in hopes to roll out a giveaway for this soon - so stay tuned for that.

2.)  I have been so lucky to receive a Sigma Travel Brush set last week.  I have been using it and loving it. :)  I will be rolling out a Giveaway for this once my Summer Fun Contest has ended... so stay tuned for that too. :)

3.)  If you have been keeping up to date with my Youtube Channel - you will notice that I am working on adding a little flair and fun stuff to my channel.  I started with my "Favorite High School Movies" and hope to be bringing many many more aspects to my channel to include "My Favorites" and even D.I.Y.'s.

For the most part - I may have been MIA - but I promise I am not gone for good.  I am just trying to find a even ground and work flow that will work best for me and my family.  Keep the comments coming and I look forward to chit chatting with all of you.

Have a blessed day. :)


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