Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Diary - People really suck sometimes...

Dear Diary,

I consider myself to be a pretty compassionate and friendly person.  I know I can let my bitchy side out from time to time - but let's face it, most of the time - "Sweet Honey" is out and about.  While out and about today and running errands - I was at a store browsing through the aisles.  A lady walks past me frantically - and says to herself... "how could this damn store not carry these damn pens?"  Being the helpful person I usually am, I looked over to her and said "Ma'am - can I help you find something?"  She said yes and explained that she was looking for Dry Erase Markers.  I happened to be in the same aisle as the markers and pointed it out to her.  She looked at what the store had to offer and then commented - "well, this isn't the kind I am looking for, now what am I supposed to do?"  So - figuring that this lady had a brain fart and didn't realize that there are several stores she could find this product at - I suggested she check Walmart or even Costco.  Her response really took me by surprise - here is what she said:

"Why in the world would I want to buy them at Costco?  Who needs that many Dry Erase Markers, are you for real or just plain ridiculous?"

My response:

"So - let me get this straight...  You walk around confused looking for these stupid markers - that happen to be right in front of your face and I give you other options as to where you could possibly find them... and you call me Ridiculous?  Hold up - I am pretty sure that you are the ridiculous one.  Don't hate on me because I took the extra few minutes out of my day to help you out."

I walked away after that - but it truly bugged me.  Are people that crazy that they don't even realize that someone is trying to help them out.  No wonder there is so much fricken war and drama out in the World, there are so many people that lack compassion, sense and act just like that lady.

Am I wrong in thinking that I should lend a hand to someone... or has the World completely changed and filled itself with mean people who SUCK?



uilaniokahoku65 said...

Sweet honey is who you should be!! Helping others us the right thing to do! But people forget to be THANKFUL when receiving help!! I am usually saying thankyou even when I'm the one that was asked for help! It amazes me how many people have forgotten these simple rules of politeness n mannerisms have been thrown out the door!! Don't let one foolish woman take you away from all those who ate truly grateful! May this findyou in happiness n peace

❤TeddyCat❤ said...

It's sad... A lot of people think that because they have had a bad day they can behave badly with everyone. But I agree with the previous comment: You shouldn't let this kind of people stop you from being kind and helpful with people that truly deserves it.
Be happy!!

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