Monday, March 28, 2011

Weightloss Update

So,  it has been quite a while since I did a post with regard to my weightloss and the progress.  To be quite honest, as much as I would have liked to spend the time concentrating on my weightloss journey, I have been focused on so many other things... that I haven't been giving it much thought the last few weeks.  This past week, however... I have been taking major control over my weightloss and really trying to focus on what I think will benefit my well being and my health. 

So far this week - I have actually been losing weight.  Not only have I been sticking to counting my caloric intake each day... I also have not drank any soda in almost a week.  Though that may not seem like much effort to others... this is a big deal - seeing as I am a total Pepsi addict and giving up my only drug was quite a challenge. But, needless to say... though I may still crave the syrup flavor and quench of the carbonation, I am doing pretty well with it and not feeling like I NEED it.  However, I must say... that after this past weeks festivities - I know I splurged more than my fair share... and gained a bunch of weight back.  But, I woke up this morning and got right back on track again.  So - my hope is that I will lose that extra weight I put on this weekend.

My weightloss plan has been consisting of 2 main meals a day with approximately 3 meal replacement shakes and fat free milk.  The meal replacement shakes are not too appealing with plain water... but taste pretty good with the fat free milk.  Total is approx. 260 calories each shake... and I am trying to stay below 1370 calories, per my calculations via

So - I will be updating regarding my weightloss more now that I am really trying to stay on track.  You can follow my weightloss goals, etc. by checking out my profile at:

Chat with you all later. :)

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