Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 22 - Blog Challenge, What's in your purse?

Ironically enough - I have just posted a few videos about this very question - outlining what I have in my purse.  So here is the videos & here is a list of items you can find in my purse. ;-)

List of things you can find in my purse:

  • Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • cell phone / HTC Hero
  • Car Keys, House Keys
  • Wallet (credit cards, cash, etc.)
  • lotion - Beauty Rush Juiced Berry by Victoria Secret
  • Gum, Extra Fruit Sensations in Sweet Watermelon
  • Mark's Pure Perfume
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Emergency Kit - includes Colgate Wisps toothbrushes, sewing kit, thermometer, bandaids, tweezers, bayer chewables pain medicine, tooth pick, spare earrings and/or rings, bobby pins, blot paper, carmex moisture plus and lipglosses
  • Coach pouch with feminine products and hand sanitizer and kleenex
  • coin purse
  • inhaler
  • date planner
  • business card holder
  • burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream
  • NYX Makeup case with blot powder, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeliners, travel brushes, lancome and NYX palettes.
If you want to follow my videos on youtube - you can visit my channel at:

Have a great day.
~ Honey ~

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